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Originally Posted by McCusto
You pay for the Fileplanet subscription, not the demo itself. Right?

Though I'm sure they wouldn't be too happy if you were to somehow obtain the beta without going through fileplanet to get it!

Then again, you probably get your unique "key" ID through FP as well, so a beta seperate from FP would be useless, at least for online play (it may be online only, it makes sense for them to strip out everything but the online code they're planning to test with people).

And a person who cracked the beta most likely wouldn't be able to send any feedback to LucasArts/Pandemic. The only reason I can see anyone doing this would just so they could mess around with the game before it comes out, without paying.

While participating in a public beta might be fun and I'd love the chance to have someone actually LISTEN to my feedback about a new game, on the other hand I'd rather wait until they have the finished product, rather than be disappointed when this or that thing doesn't get fixed. Plus I don't know if I'd have time to endlessly test it, just to have to endlessly test it again after it came out. I might be bored with the game by then! But that's just my feeling right now. I'm not a subscriber to FP and this isn't something that would make me sign up.

BUT, if that's your bag, go for it. Make us proud.

Honestly, paying for demos is stupid. If they really wanted to make it logical, they'd make paying for the demo or beta a DOWN PAYMENT. That is, you would recieve a coupon for the full game to get the money you already paid deducted.

Why pay $7-14 for the beta, and then 16$-29 for the demo (notice how much LucasArts is charging for the ROTS DVD in their online bundle!) and THEN pay $50 for the game!

It looks like a sneaky attempt to get as much money out of people as possible before the real thing hits store shelves. And people will be assuming that the real deal will be a significant improvement over these early versions. But if it isn't? People will feel ripped off.

This time around when they count sales of the game, they need to count PC and Console totals seperately, and they need to SEPERATE sales of the ROTS DVD from their totals rather than combining them. Also they should not count sales of the beta in their totals. Then and only then can we trust the numbers of sales of SWBF2.

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