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*Wires reactor to explode. Runs off*

Computer: Warning, Rebel agent has set the reactor to explode. #If you wish to die, stay where you are. If you don not, run.

[To Self] Better run.

*Halves darktrooper on way out. A big shadow covers path. Looks up, and sees a huge new type of Darktrooper, the MK4. It is the size of an AT-AT*

[To Self] Why does all the bad stuff happen to me?

*Tries to lightsaber it but it is made of corsitis ore*

Controller: THat won't work, Starkiller!

[To Controller] How do you...?

*Controller programs darktrooper to attack others, leaps out and ingites lightsaber. He looks excatly like Deac Starkiller*

Evil Deac: Those scientists cloned you and made a better artifical Jedi. Me!

*Lunges at Deac with saber*
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