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The newcomer takes a seat watching the two men carefully as if subconciously mistrusting them and it takes all his might to relax (paradox defines him!).

"I apologize Odin, I must have been confusing you with someone else."

He is not convincing.

"Call me Dak. Yes I know it's not the most convincing of names, but that's okay it's good enough. To answer your question, I'm not too fond of sabaac. I know, I know, a Corellian who doesn't play Sabaac, and I'm also not a big fan of the Ale either, so let's get all our prejudices out of the way- oh well played, well played-

"A couple years back I worked as a pilot on Ulter V, and that's when I met you. I don't know what you were doing in the system, but we took opposing sides in a barfight. You didn't see me for very long, but I spent considerably more time watching you. It's a hobby of mine- oh yes, sorry, didn't mean to get in the way- anyhow, I've been watching your progress of late and decided it was the proper time to meet up wiht you, hey?

"Okay maybe I'm- what? oh no, no I really don't like to play- maybe I'm a bit of a nutcase, but truth is you impressed me enough that I think you might be helpful on a job I have coming up. And of course your friend can help too..."
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