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good, bad, and just plain weird ideas

Just when you thnik you've seen it all the most unexpected plot twist ever. A Revan/Hutt love story. Just think about it no one would ever suspect it until bam there you are right in the middle of a cutscene of the Hutt, lets call him Charlie, and reven locking lips.
Um...uh...that might be funny kind, although it certaintly would not after I throw up all over my computer.

I reckon it would be mad if you played as a mandalorian. First ever force sensitive mandalorian. Maybe you could even be canderous' son/daughter?
Now that might be cool.

(cutscene starts here) He automatically just knocks out your party members. He tries to do it to you but you are much stronger than your party. (cutscene ends)

You start fighting him, but he is way too powerful. His sabering skills are very complex and hes just whooping you around.

(cutscene)your sabers lock, he kicks you, chops off your arm, and throws you. he puts his saber down like Dooku did. now here comes the one moment we ALL wanted in kotor 2. Big man turns around...
Might be kinda cool, but come on, lets not remake any of the movies here.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
Sith of the Old Empire, where you play an aspiring Dark Jedi and end up becoming one of the most powerful Sith Lords the galaxy has ever seen...?
Why does everyone want to be evil. I do it sometimes, just to change things around, but I have the hardest time when i am supposed to be killing off my party members. I keep hoping that there is some kinda evil way i could spare them.
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