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"SAVE JAX!" I yelled into my mic.
"Gold Group Give us cover!"
"Kaitlyn, Follow me!"
Kaitlyn and I flew closer to the Emperor's Servant. they knew why we where here. The turrets opened fire on us. Two shots hit my left wing and a fleet of Fighters opened fire on Kaitlyn. I turned my shields to 100 percent and flew in front of her fighter.
"Kaitlyn, Listen to me, we have to save Jax, we'll board the destroyer and- AHHH!"
My shields were 8 percent and a roclet came flaring towards me.
The last thing I saw was Kaitlyn's ship.

Kaitlyn was on top of me, she seemed lifless, but she was still alive. We had made it, We were inside the Emporor's Servant.
I woke Kaitlyn and yamned.
I said, she had saved me.
We stood up and saw that our destroyed fighters had breached the hull of the Servant when we went down. There was a small silence, the only sound was the red alert alarm. The door slid open, and Stormtroopers poured out. I grabbed the rifdle on my belt and opened fire. Hmph.... Who said 14 year olds are useless.... I took out 4 troops and Kaitlyn chucked a fag and killed the rest. She picked up her blaster and we advanced.

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