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Legend of the Warriors Of The Seven Kingdoms

No godmodding and you know the rules...


Legends are made through the ages of the world, since the most primitive of men, mankind would tell stories that spoke of courageous heroes and evil villains.
Many of these legends were preserved and even changed as they passed through the ages, but also many were lost. This story as the places in it have been lost. It dates from an age when seven kingdoms of different species of inhabitants roamed the world, it was a time better left forgotten in the ages that followed especially since all the other species disappeared and all that is left is man.

The legend speaks of Seven Kingdoms.

Crystalaria.- Home of the Dwarves in the High Snowy Mountains.
Winglya.- Home of the Winged Half-elves on a floating plateau.
Arkya.- Home of the Samurai and Ninja Warriors.
Bloodgate.- Home of the Vampires on the great Valley of Blood Mountain.
Woodland.- Home of the Elves on the Great Indagus Forest.
Rourge.- Home of the Wizards and Witches and the dark Warlocks.

And the last almost totally extinct.
Draconia.- People of the Dragons, worshipers of the High Twelve winged golden god dragon.

But beside the Kingdoms, on another continent, two Empires stood, one was ready to rule the world, while the other was doomed to disappear.

The Empire of Harak-Sepu.- The great man Empire, in it's own greed and lust for power they have moved against the world to conquer all.


The Empire of Atlantia.- It was the home of great winged creatures, of beautiful appearance and presence, their profound knowledge and technology will be their downfall.

Of all these territories, the one most secretive was Draconia, it stood on a flying fortress said to be built on the back of a great Dragon, it was also written by ancient prophets that the god dragon, given the loyalty of his people, promised them the power of Dragons, their abilities and the power to shape shift, he gave each a power from a different elemental dragon, it was defined by the family, each family had a guardian spirit dragon to which they trusted their lifes and worshiped, in return they were able to harness the dragon's power. It was also told that the golden god dragon promised the royal family a son, one that would have the spirit of the god dragon as his guardian spirit, and that he would lead the draconians to prosperity and peace.

But the attack on the Kingdoms started, Harak-Sepu warriors started to loot and conquer kingdoms with the technology they had taken from the Atlantians, they enslaved people and killed them, the Winglyans knew of the existence of the Draconians and asked them for their help, a request they accepted.
The battle turned in favor of the Seven Kingdoms, the Empire's forces even though great in numbers could not withstand the power of the Draconian warriors, the battle was won, but the Empire resented this and looked for the Draconian people, knowing of their location by the Winglyans they had captured and tortured for days they flew their new Skyriders, provided by the conquered Atlantians and they almost slew entirely the Draconians, only a few were left alive and they were imprisoned, only a woman and two children escaped, the royal prince of Draconia who had a golden orb on his neck and a mark of the golden god dragon on his arm and a young girl almost the same age of the child, who had a silver orb on her neck.

The woman Udinara was the royal guard of the temple, the captain of the Draconian army, she took the little children to watch over them and train them as they would be the ones who would try to restore the Draconian Kingdom and avenge the death of their people.

Many years have passed now and prince Seraph Kain is now 20 and an expert martial artist, swordsman and archer, and the young lady Naomi Sade is now 18 and a great archer and martial artist as well as great with the long staff.

They will meet warriors from all the surrounding kingdoms and fight the Evil Empire of Harak-Sepu and insure the life of the Draconians as well as preserve the Kingdoms intact.

I'm going to need two other draconians. (one male, one female)
For the others be my guest but try to vary characters from different kingdoms)

Character Sheet

Age: (Only draconians, elf and any other species live for thousands of years, only humans live less than hundred, except wizards and witches and warlocks)
Appearance: (What he/she looks like)
Sex/Gender: (Male or Female)
Weapons: (his equipment)
Species: (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-elf, Vampires, Atlantian) (Draconians are out of bounds)
Kingdom: (The one he/she is from)
Class: (Warrior, Wizard, Warlock, Witch, Ranger, Archer, Swordsman, Ninja, Samurai)
History: (A brief biography of your character you can make it long but not too much)


The same as the main character.

Here are mine...

Name: Seraph Kain
Age: 20
Appearence: Wears a black and gold light armor, has silver long hair and gold yellow eyes.
Sex/Gender: Male
Weapons: Two large Katanas on his belt, and one gold bow on his back.
Species: Draconian
Class: Warrior/Archer/Swordsman
History: Crown prince of Draconia, he is blessed with the prophecy of the gold god dragon, he is the chosen one.

NPC (non playable character)
Name: Naomi Sade
Age: 18
Appearence: Wears a white and pink light armor, has blonde long hair and blue eyes.
Sex/Gender: Female
Weapons: Pink and gold bow on her back and a silver Staff.
Species: Draconian
Class: Warrior/Archer
History: A survivor of the Draconian massacre, and friend and love interest of Seraph, she cares for him and would follow him everywhere to keep him safe so he can fulfill the prophecy.


Seraph and Naomi ran to the woods they hid behind a tree with their teacher Udinara, a blackguilder came into sight, a great big man with devolish red eyes and black armor said to be impossible to kill, they were spotted and ran to fight hm and his twelve men.

- "Run Seraph, Naomi, I'll handdle this go!" They left running followed by several men.

It only took a blow from the blackguilder to slay Udinara, she fell on the ground dead and Seraph saw it as he ran away. They stopped at a waterfall where they were cornered by six men, and they all took out their weapons...

- "I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one" - Seraph said as he readied his katanas...

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