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Jax jerked his head upwards. He could hear an alarm and he could sense Gus. The door slid open and stadning there tall and mysterious was...
Jax's old friend who was believed dead was standing there, he black robe billowed out in a mennacing way
"Jax....I expected something of this nature from you, when you heard the name the emperors servant you knew i had once mentioned it before"
"you did and then....I sensed you"
"hmmmm your becoming the Jedi that scum always wanted you to be"
"He wasn't scum!" Jax yelled
Rezillo smiled
"Your friend...the one who crashed into us...he will dead shortly and you will kill him"
"w-what...i wont! you can't-"
"You can do what ever you set your mind to"
An officer walked into the cell
"sir, you asked me to bring you what he was armed with, just these" He handed the lightsaber and pistol over to rezillo. Rezillo threw the pistol aside as the officer left.
"A jedi's you are a jedi?"
somehting flickered in jax's mind
"Yes" he lied
"I can tell you're lying" Rezillo said simply
Jax glanced at his saber. he had to stop this...
"You have always been a bad lyer"
Jax had to help Gus
"you have always been a failure..."
Jax snapped
He did something he had never done before he flung his hand out and his lightsaber shot into his hand like a magnet had invisilby pulled it there. He ignited it but rezillo was ready. The two blades clashed. And Rezillo smiled...


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