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Rezillo stopped. he looked up. Jax felt it too. Stu was now on the emperors servant.
"another foolish friend of yours has just docked with us" He said in a voice of pure hatred
"what happened to you?" Jax said resuming the fight
Rezillo's lightsaber clased against Jax's and forced it against a wall.
"I saw you get blown out of space and wern't evil!"
"Oh jax there is no good or evil there is only power and those too weak to seek it...LIKE YOU!"
Rezillo force pushed jax against a wall and it gave way. Jax stepped out of the debrey.
"what happened?" he said again
"when i was shot, i survived i floated in space suffocating when something took me, i could was like a bubble had formed around me, i was dragged to this ship where my master tought me the ways of the sith"
"But that would have taken years!"
"yes....but my master is very powerful. He invented a room called the hyperbolic time chamber, A year in there was a day on the ouside. within a week of this dimension I was a sith"
Jax gulped
"you wish!"
They glashed blades again. Rezillo's red blade and Jax's Blue blade combined made a spectaular display of light and sound but if they wern't careful all would be lost...


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