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My ideas for the game are simply thus, you play a new character but you start of as a kid in Civil war (ala Revan vs Malak) in coruscant you do your first trials (complete with training saber), you see how the civil war affected the galaxy. Go on a training mission to alderaan and play political apprentice you reincounter the game 2 years later with the exiles time and you flee with all the other apprentices being scared of being slaughtered, however the masters stay and remain diligent and get murdered (ala Kotor 2) but ypu play part of the game in the time period of kotor 2 trying to gtet off of coruscant so you can get a new identity. Then finally being enlisted on a mercanarys ship you fly away from coruscant and pass on out of exsistence and make a new name as a mercanary.

1 year later- In a raid your ship is caught by pirates and you flee in the shuttles and land on a planet on the outer rim. You play recconaisance and find out what happened to the rest of the crew and find out the planet is true sith. You get enlisted in the temple there.

2 weeks later you are a padawan in the true sith temple and are learning what they offer. You here mysterious rumours of Revan. Do what you want...

The harbringer of the storm,
The devouring Darkness,
Bringer of destruction, Death, Revoloution and Rebirth
'I am the first, the last the omega'
(Book of revelation)
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