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Unhappy A slightly different graphics problem (TSL w/ ATI)

2.) Edit the "swkotor2.ini" file

"Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" works for more than just Dantooine lag while using ATI cards. I was experiencing a slightly different kind of framerate drop in all areas of KotOR2:TSL. The Dantooine lag on KotOR1 was much more severe for me, and it only happened on Dantooine. The framerate drop I experienced in KotOR2:TSL was not as severe, but it happened in every single area of the game up to Telos, and I was able to fix it while in-game. This problem even happened during the minigame racing.

I'm using an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. I was running KotOR2:TSL on highest resolution, AA, and AF settings very smoothly. I'm using the latest Omega Driver.

Problem: I ran the game just fine, but every time I loaded a new area, my framerate dropped (No matter what settings I was using). This applied to any area change - in and out of a small room, or in and out of a large opening. The size of the area did not seem to affect the severity of the lag.

The way I dealt with this problem in-game was by:

1. Going to the in-game graphics options.
2. Making some type of graphics change. Any change - it didn't matter. For example, changing AF from 16x to 8x or vice versa.
3. Pressing OK, and resuming game.

That completely removed the frame lag. For some reason switching my graphics settings back and forth solved the problem, but I had to do ths every single time I loaded into a new area - very annoying. I don't really understand why that happened, though. This problem only happened this way in KotOR2:TSL. In KotOR1, when I attempted to change my graphics settings in game on Dantooine to remedy the lag, there were no good results.

You may want to include in the original post that changing the swkotor2.ini file completely fixes this specific problem I was having, not just on Dantooine. Also, if anyone knows the cause of the problem I was having, I'd like to learn what it is.

Edit: I re-read and realized my last paragraph wasn't very clear. This problem I was having was on Peragus and Telos, I didn't even make it to Dantooine before I fixed it. "The Dantooine Fix" title was misleading to me, and I'm sure to many other people who aren't very familiar with this game or forum if they are experiencing similar problems as I am. Basically, editing the kotor2.ini files fixes a lot of issues, as you just mentioned. That's not detailed in the original post though, which causes confusion to anyone who doesn't read past the first page.

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