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The Duke Assassination RPG (start off thread)

Due to somewhat popular demand, and the fact that the RPG threads might need a little, I would like to see how this goes...


1. One character per player
2. One primary and secondary weapons per player.
3. Two other (reasonable) items to bring
4. One character gets a car were they can reload or change weapons/items once per mission.
5. Before or after a mission one page for getting drunk etc... Then you must begin a mission.
6. Missions and the number of players must be reasonable. (IE: 3 people can infiltrate a Duke Enterprises missle silo but not 1 player.

If you got any other ideas, post them here. Feel free to discuss what rules we can/cant have. I never made (or participated) a RPG, so I dont know much about these kind of stuff like Deac would.
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