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*At the same moment the order for the interceptors to tae flight is given, a new ship exits hyperspace*

*the ship looks like an ESSD II with the gravity wells of an interdcitor cruiser. It is 20,000 km long. The moment it had exited hyperspace, it had begun turning towards the Enterprise E, commanded by Captain Picard*

*on the bridge of the humungous ship, a man stands. Wearing a grand admiral's uniform, expect black. He stares out at the battle, and then turns to weapons and defense control*

*the man's name is Adrian Meleck, leader of the New Imperium, a large group of rogue Imperials, consisting of four fleets*

Adrian Meleck: Defense control, activate the gravity wells. I want each and every one of those ships stuck here.

Defense Dude: Yes, Grand Admiral.

*the gravity wells activate, instantly trapping each ship in realspace. At the same moment, an entire wing of TIE Defenders tae flight from the primary docing bay*

Meleck: It is our day for retribution...
Get my shuttle ready, I want to meet this...Captain Picard...
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