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EMH[To Picard]:cease fire on the Eclipse we have already boarded the ship send boarders to assist ours.

Communications Officer: sir we're recieving another message on standard radio -- "this is General Wedge Antilles of New Republic Starfighter Command, all ships stating alliance with the "Federation" please do not fire on us we wish to aid you...

EMH: This is the Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Promethues we are heavily damaged and will gladly except any aid you can offer.

WEDGE: We have discovered that you have technology to transport matter through objects

EMH: yes we have what we call transporters they allow us to move people over great distance.

WEDGE: If you would beam our Noghri commandows to the bridges of the Imperial ships we will have them disabled in short order.

EMH: Send me the Coords. and I will make certain they arrive at their destinations...

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