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Mr. Data: Sir, there is a small shuttle coming from that... good God sir..."

Mr. Picard: "What?"

Mr. Data: This ship I'm reading is thousands of miles long......."

Mr. Picard: "On screen."

*47 more torpedoes from TIE Bombers hit the rear sections of the Enterprise*

Mr. Data: "Sorry sir, but, we just lost tactical."

Mr. Picard: "Who the he-"

Mr. Data (Interrupting): Sir, we are losing our right engine nacelle!!!"

Mr. Picard: "Dear God. Engineering???"

Lt. Com. Jeordi LaForge: Sir, WARP CORE BREECH!!!" *Static*

Mr. Picard: "Oh nooo."

*The Federation Starship Enterprise E explodes into a massive fireball with a shockwave than spans thousands of miles.*

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