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Narration: Wing Gundam Zero, the very first gundam, originally created by the five scientists that created the 5 original gundams of Oporation Meteor. AFter seein the potential for mental harm, due to the highly sopisticated Zero System, which feed combat statistics and simulations directly into the pilots brain, to give him a drastic and unfair edge in combat, they left Wing Zero in blueprints, and parted ways.

After Colony 195, after witnessing OZ un-mercifully killing his father, Quatra went insane, and Dug up the plans to Wing Zero, and built it. after changing many hands, it came into the hands of Heero Yuy, who is now fighting to rid the Earths sphere, of all that deny the people peace.

Years later, after many generations, a young man came across the original blue prints, and with some modifications, made Wing Zero even more deadly.

Addin more vernier's, and the Mercurius's unique shield system, Wing Zero can now withstand any beam or physical attack. It's Twin Beam Rifle has been given a drasic power boost, and it's menuverablility has been upgraded, and can Meele with it's beam sabers.

Model number / XXXG-00W0

Head height / 16.7 m
Base weight / 8.0 t
Generator output / 4932 kW
Thruster /
98150 kg

Armor materials /
Gundanium alloy

Standard armament /
twin buster rifle x 1
beam saber x 2
beam machine cannon x 2
mercurius shield (planet Defensors) x 10

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