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John A. Ekhoff (My actual name) Captain- Federation Registered Starship Independence Registered Name- NCC-3098 Ship Class- Independence (Experimental)

"Captain's Log- Supplemental, We have recieve a distress signal from the Starship Enterprise in the outer region of the quadrant. We are operating at our optimum speed of Warp 10. We should arrive there in minutes...."

Navigation: "Captain, we are approaching the boundary..."

Capt. Ekhoff: "Very well, helm,drop us out of warp and go to full Impulse."

Helm: "Yes, sir."

Capt. Ekhoff: Red Alert, Shields, Battlestations."

Capt. Ekhoff: Weapons report..."

Tactical: Sir, shields are up to 134%, Class 1 War phaser banks charged at 83%, Class 2 phasers fully charged, torpedo bays 1 and 2 ready, 3 and 4 are still loading... Sir, we have a visual on the battle, but no sign of the Enterprise..."

Capt. Ekhoff: No Enterprise?, you mean its... gone?

Tactical: I'm... afraid so sir. "

Capt. Ekhoff: "God rest their souls."

*Silence accompanied the bridge for 3 seconds.*

Tactical: Sir, small ships... possibly fighters of some sort are approaching.. they're firing some sort of torpedo!"

Capt. Ekhoff: "Brace for impact."

*92 Torpedoes from approx. 150 TIE Bombers and Advengers hit the Independence*

Capt. Ekhoff: "Report.."

Tactical: "Shields 1 at 31%, 2 is out and Shields 3 is at 92%."
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