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Capt. Ekhoff: "Open fire on all ships! I repeat shoot anything that moves except our own!!!"

Tactical: "Sir, the Borg!!!!"

Tactical: "Sir, you wont believe this, but somehow the U.S.S. Voyager is here.."

Capt. Ekhoff: "What?" "That ship isn't scheduled to arrive in even the Beta quadrant in 12 years!!!"

*ISD Vehement crashes into the CRS Liberty 2*

Tactical: "Sir, I think this might be a 3-way battle"

*ESDII Eclipse destroys the Borg Tactical Ship 9281*

*ISDII Corruptor 2 destroyes B/CRS Stargazer*

*CRV Galaxia crashes into the bridge of the VSDII Victory VI*

*E-Wings, X-Wings, B-Wings, Y-Wings, T-Wings, K-Wings, and A-Wings from Rogue, Red, Wraith, Gold, Blue, Eagle, Green, Orange, Grey, and Buccaneer squadrons exits the CRS Defiance, New Republic ship the Colususs, CRS Home One, CRS Home Two, FRG Redemption, and the FRG Spearhead*

*Red 16 collides into INT Interdictor II*

*Red 1, 2, 3 and Rogues 1-12 destroy Borg cube 282*

*CRS Home One collides into Borg Cube 822*

*Admiral Ackbar's shuttle escapes but one of the ISD Dominator's turbolasers hits one the Lambda-class shuttle's wings and it spins out of control into the CRS Defiance*

*Rogue 1 (Wedge Antilles) collides into one of the ISD Dominator's Shield Gen and unfortunately dies*

*CRS Yavin crashes into Brog Tactical Cube 281 destroying both craft*
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