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Mr. Ekhoff: "Status report?"

Tactical: "Shields down to 32%, All weapons fully charged"

Mr. Ekhoff: "Very good, concentrate all firepower on the Borg cubes. Meanwhile, I'll contact Starfleet...."

Mr. Ekhoff: Computer, open high-priority channel to Starbase One."

Computer: Channel Open, Sir.

Mr. Ekhoff: "Starbase One, this is the Federation Starship Independence. We are under heavy fire by unknown ships and the Borg..... *static* we re...est... as..i.s.nce.....I the is... und... ire.. need... assis.ance...."

Computer: "Sending message....."

Computer: "Sending complete"

*Capt. Ekhoff enters the bridge*

Mr Ekhoff: Report

Tactical: Shields down to 24%

*USS Excelsior C enters*

Tactical: Sir, the Excelsior is here!

Helm: Yeehaw!

*USS Defiance enters*

*USD (dreadnaught) Dominon enters*

Navigation: It's an entire fleet!

Mr. Ekhoff: Tell them to ignore the ships that have an IFF code of 'Rebel' or 'New Republic' attack the ships with an IFF code of 'Empire' and of course, the Borg.

Tactical: Sir, Klingon Warships decloaking off the port bow....

Klingon Gen.: Did you think you Federation would have all the fun? I don't think so...

Mr. Ekhoff: heh, General, attack the ships with the IFF code of 'Imperial' and ignore the IFF codes of 'New Republic' and 'Rebel', and of course attack the Borg.

General: Of Course... Kush Tah Tack Taa Doo Daa....

Klingon First Officer: Too dahh shuu doo!

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