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(you do whatever you want, but i imagine it will be a bit of both)

Jax stared into the eyes he had once trusted.
" me!"
"what do you mean?"
"you said you would never turn to the sith, never work for the empire"
"ahhh yes....things change Jax!"
Rezillo force pushed him against a barrel. Jax slumped against it.
Rezillo breathed heavily
"you are strong...i never knew you had skills outside being a pilot....what are you now Blue Leader?"
"How do you know?"
Rezillo smiled....
"I am...the phantom"
"w-what? you can't be!"
"I assure you i am"
Something clicked in Jax's head
"I should have one had the same flight style as you....but wait you took out some imperial ships"
"I did...i had to make it look convincing. On my masters orders of coarse"
Jax jumped up and ran at Rezillo who just smiled. Rezillo pushed him back and smiled
" never learn to do jax?"
He advanced on Jax...


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