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Mr. Ekhoff: GOOD GOD!!!!!

Tactical: GOOD GOD!!!!

Helm: GOOD GOD!!!!

Navigation: GOOD GOD!!!!

Mr. Ekhoff: Navigation, plot a course directly for the Borg monstonsity, Warp 14...

Navigation: Yes.... sir.....

*USS Voyager is destroyed*

*287 craft from SPECIES 8472 (MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) arrive to deal with the Borg....

Tactical: Species 8472, YEEHAW!!!

Mr. Ekhoff: Today will be remembered...

Mr. Ekhoff: Cancel that order Navigation...

Navigation (sigh of relief): Yes, sir.

Tactical: New Craft alert

3862 TIE Fighters
3288 TIE Interceptors
3872 TIE Bombers
9722 TIE Advanced (Advengers)
2987 TIE Defenders
3287 TIE Armaggedons (Simplified.. DEATH FOR THE REBELS!)

Mr. Ekhoff: Weapons... you are cleared to SWAT THE FLIES.. oops I MEAN TIES!

*CRS Home Two has been destroyed*

*CRS Defiance has been destoyed*
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