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*A YT-3500 Centurion named "The Lightning" arrives from hyperspace (If you see the Cantina Scenario, It'll show up.) More Rebel ships show up behind it.

Tactical: More ships, sir.

Mr. Ekhoff: Good.

Communication: They're hailing us sir.

Mr. Ekhoff: On screen.

*Screen turns on and President of the New Republic Princess Leia shows up on the screen*

Mr. Ekhoff: This is John A. Ekhoff of the Federation starship Independence. We require your help.. may I ask who you are?

Leia: I am President Leia Organa-Solo of the New Republic.

Mr. Ekhoff: Welcome Madam President, but there's no time for 'chit-chat'.

Leia: I agree.

Mr. Ekhoff: Those huge spaceships ahead are made by a cyber-netic lifeform that call themselves the Borg.. they are not to be underestimated...

Leia: Ok, Battlestations everyone, let's us that the Home Three will last unlike its sister ships! Go to Code Red. Launch all fighters.

First Officer: Yes, ma'am
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