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Modding Software?

Is this going to be included with the final version of EaW? I'd imagine there'd be a lot of people that would love to add new jedi into this game, as well as all the episode 1-3 content. I think this would strongly help the games staying power as well as its quality. I think this game strongly needs the ability to either unlock many different jedi and other hero characters as well as have these jedi/hero's have a wide variety of special abilities.

Darth Maul - Using his staff saber and cutting through troops rapidly. Not so effective against vehicles.

Yoda - All kinds of throw powers, able to move quickly and destroy vehicles by throwing them around.

Amidala - Ability to rally troops and call in reinforcements?

Anakin - Able to use his saber extremely well but not able to throw vehicles like the older vader.

(There's endless possibilities with this idea and would allow for all kinds of appearances from people in the EU and so much more. Implementing effective modding software or creating a large list of unlockables will definitely increase this games longevity as well as popularity with the community. A game of this magnitude should not be entirely confined by one star wars era when there is so much Star Wars content available that would fit perfectly for this game.)

Ships - Jedi Starfighter, Episode 1-3 ships, Jedi controlled ships (more effective in battle.)
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