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((Maybe cus it makes sense to me OR i just dont care.

how about you expect me to make a screwed up post once in a while and jsut keep it at that.

When I was in school, they made me take an IQ test every 3 years.

I have a low verbal IQ of around 97, and my Mathimatical IQ is more around 142.
All in all after the rest of the scores are in my IQ is 138. Above average, but still i have a lower verbal IQ.

note: before you say any thing about that score, the verbal is a combination of writen and oral stated segments. ((just in case you havent taken one before))

now i do stink at typing, and liek i said i do screw up, and if i cared more about the post, i'd make a spellcheck and all that. OTHERWISE if i dont, I DIDNT CARE. SO shut up for now on BD.

like you siad it's been like three years and still you havent given up.

and red, i'm not sure if you given up or not, but i sure as hell cant turn to cracken (whom he is listed as the moderator of these forums) to ask BD to stop (for mere purpose of unduty-familarization with myself (cus i know him in person), people might say that he's taking more of my side or something....), So red why don't you step in and tell him. this **** is getting damned annoying. And i want him to stop.))

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