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I actually took the time to play a game with the ultimate saber mod so see how it works. Very impressive. I'm not finished with that game, but I really love it so far, and I'm sure I'll love it to the end. There was one thing that really bothered me and it's not the work on the sabers. It was the new dialogue added. Lots of misspellings, along with punctuation errors, etc.

Anyway, I actually went back to fix those, but my KOTOR Tool crashes for some reason when I try to edit the dialogue files. If I was able to complete it, I was considering sending T7 the new updated files when completed. Then leave it open to you for an updated release.

A minor thing was the Darth Bandon sabers. They're single bladed. In KOTOR, Darth Bandon used a double-bladed lightsaber. I did edit it for my personal use so they are double-bladed for my version, which I did a simple edit to the .uti files. And another thing I personally think would make it cooler is lightsabers for the Sith Assassins. Scripting .ncs files isn't something I have knowledge of, and the SA's use a lot of the same tags, which leads to the SA's being idle on one of the maps on the Harbinger (Map 152HAR), and some of the Sith Soldiers use the same tags on the Freedon Nadd mission out in the field (Map 410DXN), and are idle as a result. Again, that my personal opinion about the SA's having sabers, but I strongly believe that it would be a very popular update.

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