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*The SSSD Palpatine is starting to vibrate due to Borg weapons*

Zamarus: Report!

Defense: Shields are out. Engines 1-3 and 4-5 are out.... sir, there's a torpedo heading for the bridge!

Zamarus: Itensify forward firepower! EVACUATE THE BRIDGE!

*The Bridge crew of the Palpatine start to run to the elevators and stairs to evacuate the bridge*

Zamarus: Report on torpedo!

Tactical: ETA in 10 seconds!

Zamarus: Everyone, get the heck out!

Navigation: INCOMING! AHHHH!

*Torpedo Impact*

*Navigation Officer Killed*

Zamarus (Getting up from floor): All sections report in.

Communications: Communications Reporting In.

Tactical: Tactical Reporting In.

Defensive: Defensive Reporting In.

Operations: Operations reporting in.

*On speaker* Fire Control Officer: Fire Control Officer checking in.

Zamarus: Navigation Report in.... Navigation?

Defensive: We lost him sir.

Zamarus: (Points at a commander): You there, what's your name?

Commander: Commander Aceos Azviraxo. Secondary Tactical Officer sir.

Zamarus: You are the new Navigations officer.

Azviraxo: Yes Admiral sir.

Communication: Sir, the last Borg cube has been destoyed!

Zamarus: Report on Fleet Status...
2 ISDs destoyed...
5 ISDs disabled/engine failure
7 ISDs Damaged

Zamarus: Jolly Good Show!

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