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Zamarus: Damage Report.

Damage Officer: Shields gone. Hull at 24%. At least 2,500 dead sir. We've lost lateral controls and the ship will not stop rolling. Superlasers 1-3 are not responding. We are losing power sir in all systems.

Zamarus: Engage auxiliary power systems. Fire superlaser 4 at the remains of the Republic's Pride.

Weapons: Sir, doing that will drain most of the power if not all.

Zamarus: Just do it.

Weapons: Yes sir.

*Superlaser 4 fires at R.P.*

*Adm. Thrawn's ships starts to attack the R.P. with turblasers*

*Superlaser shot disables R.P.*

Operations: We've lost all power!

*SSSD Palpatine's lights all go out*

Zamarus: Oh no!
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