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Oh Screw This!

After trying to hold onto hope that LucasArts would learn from their mistakes, its all gone down the drain after reading info on these boards about the one huge cluster f*ck Battlefront II is before it's even been released.

* Total lack of knowledge by the developers when it came to characters, ships and placement of the above. The whole clone trooper skin debacle id expect to come across in a mod devised by a proud 8 year old who yet doesnt have detail specific memory. What a blatant slap in the face to not only hardcore Star Wars fans but to those who know more than just what happened in the films. I consider myself a fan of the events and characters that transpired during the Clone Wars and it sickens me to the stomache to see what they have done.

* The engine. Why in the blue hell use the same engine? I dont want to hear "it costs more money and takes more time", because if that were the case, why not release all the 'additional features' we see here under an expansion whilst working on something a little less dated? Was the original so flawed to sh*t that they jumped ship? Probably. Lets screw it up alll over again! There were multitudes of BASIC improvements that were needed before it was time to move house. A quick fix may work for console kids and those who throw money at any Star Wars branded experience (which LA seem to realise), but each to their own.

* I dont have so much blame to lay on Pandemic as i do on those that wield the whip. LucasArts seem more keen to generate money than to create a quality TRUE TO LICENSE experience. What we end up with seems to resemble a cheaper imitation version of the real thing. Dont worry LA: You'll feel it soon enough. Bite a hand so many times, and it will no longer feed you.

Not to tread on the toes of anyone who is still hopeful for this title as hope is a great thing, but i see a quick fix abomination released only for sheer financial gain that will bomb just as well as the first.

I agree with TK's every post.

If anyone has any queries regarding the rather brief points ive spilt out, then by all means, ill flesh them out in more detail for you should you desire, but i must cut this visit short as im about to play a game that you all should bother with - Battlefield 2.

- Steve
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