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And on that note...

Well, since I apparantly voted on this poll somewhere in time, I guess I'll just add my 2 eurocents.
Let me start by saying that I think DooM was id's finest hour and that I still play the game (and its sequel) through either the Legacy or jDoom/Doomsday ports.
That said, Dark Forces is my clear favourite.

For one thing, it was the one that got me into PC gaming.
Sitting on a shop shelf, DF was originally just another item to add to my "wanted birthday gifts" list back in March '96.
Having played the first level a few days later though, I was hooked and remained hooked to FPS games in general and Star Wars related action games in particular for a good few years.

Secondly, DF added so much to the DooM formula that it's an unbelievable shame its role in the evolution of the FPS genre has been so overlooked.
Consider the following:
- DF has a story, that plays out in both the in-game cutscenes and the gameplay, with real characters
- DF contains mission based gameplay, with objectives to complete
- There is more environmental interactivity, some of it puzzle oriented
- Each mission plays out against a different environment, with a unique dominating colour scheme for each planet
- The game provides an inventory, with tools to use in a variety of circumstances
- Some of the weapons have secondary firemodes
- DF's world design resembles believable locations and architecture, much more so than DooM's
- Jan Ors adds a feeling of comradery and also provides a lot of tension in the Imperial City level
- The final level of DF culminates in a much more exciting end fight than the one in DooM (where you can just blast the boss enemies from afar IIRC)
- More variety in movement: vertical look/aim, crouching, jumping, I think even (mine) explosion based jumping is possible

There's probably more, but this is what comes to mind right now.

Dark Forces Forever!
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