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Do I also get to say "teh win" at least once? Oh well. Good to get that out of the way!

So to get the PS2 demo you'll have to buy a magazine. To get the Xbox demo you'll have to buy a DVD. No news about a PC demo. And the only way to play the PC game in advance is to sign up for the closed beta (pay subscription to File Planet)!

I still think they should give those who paid for the beta a coupon for a discount on the full game...

Bummer, so PC users get shafted again? There was no PC demo for SWBF1, so we all have to go by word of mouth? This is akin to filmmakers not showing their film to critics before release... it makes people wonder "what are they afraid of"? Not a good sign...

Pandemic/LucasArts has one more chance to make up for it, release a PC Demo by the week of November 1st! Give us a space map and a ground battle map, online/offline doesn't matter (though online would be good!).

Originally Posted by Redtech
Weird when one thinks about it. A dedicated PC Battlefield 2 would most likely be "teh win" (or at least the first person models would look better than Jedi Knight 2).

Anyway, I don't own Battlefront, I play it with a friend. Everyone wins! So there's a compromise of sorts, get someone else to pay for it.
Only problem there is you each need a unique key to play with a friend on the PC. We found this out at our last LAN party... :P

I'm not sure about part 2, but SWBF1 was basically a multiplayer centered game, which is why many of us wished that it had gone through more testing before release. The SP campaign was cool but VERY short (and much of the special features were cut or scaled back from the MP campaign). You had Galactic Conquest, but it was rather repetative, unfortunately.

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