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It took also some time to download it here, I think it is the server because (for example) downloading my newest drivers for my graphics card took just 1 minut and a half for 33 MB, while the Tantive IV video took 15 minutes for just 10 MB.
Originally Posted by McCusto
This was a little movie I made that I did with Fraps. It is a tour of the Battlefront II level, Tantive IV, while I was Darth Vader. I only have the trial of Fraps, so I could only record for 30 seconds, it is a 2 minute tour of the level, it skips a little, only about a second because of Fraps. I can't upload it to anywhere ATM, so it should be up by tomorrow
Could I youse your video in a video im making of Battlefront II?

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