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What an intelligently written, moving opinion.

Originally Posted by Redtech
Damn, you people need girlfriends, F-A-S-T! (I know it's an alien thing, but you can get used to people of the opposite sex).
It puts the point across without having to degenerate into insulting people with the opposite view! And you can actually have girlfriends while wanting a perfect game! It's called wanting a perfect game!

Originally Posted by Redtech
I'm going to repeat this until someone starts getting fed up. SWBF2 is a game!
And it's a boring and lame one at that.

Originally Posted by Redtech
Not a sim
Or a realistic game
Or even a detailed game
Well, you're right there. It's not. What a shame, it would be so much more if it was a bit more realistic.

Originally Posted by Redtech
It's an arcade, play for 2 hours, drop, pick up again, drop game.
Wow, you managed to keep playing for 2 whole HOURS!? You sure do endure a lot of crap!

Originally Posted by Redtech
You'd need a team the size of Team Kojima if you wanted to make everything bang on accurate and up to detail, but with the detail of a Tom Clancy shooter.
Here you are right. I'm not asking for precisely accurate levels of recoil when you fire the E-11, just a bit more realism would be nice.

A good game is much like a good book. It pulls you in. You are intrested.
A bad game is like a bad book. It's a steaming pile of s1-1@!

Originally Posted by Redtech
You ain't doing that in less than 2 years!
No. I would rather wait 2 years for a rare near perfect game than a year for some shoddy piece of crap that tires me after 5 minutes of playing.

You have your opinion, I have mine. Time to move on.

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