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Enough of the Kojima crap. You may also think that girlfriends are the result of acheiving the highest form of existence, but they are far from it. What people do in their private lives aside is their own business, im talking about getting your money's worth and having a quality title based on a film license. Is that so hard to ask for?

As far as genre goes, i never read that this is an "arcade" game. Its an First Person Shooter and thus has BIG shoes to fill, especially seeing as this isnt some hokey little title, but something based off one of the most successful franchises in existence. Im not being some Star Wars picky fanboy, but its obvious that Pandemic havent done their research. Either that or theyve been severely restricted by other parties (gee.. guess who!). This is where the problem lies. It may mean diddly squat to you as this is a foreign mental opinion, but im letting it be known that i wont be insulted by LucasArts any longer.

If they release a product that is up to standard, then ill pay for it. Till the point that they stop disrespecting the consumer by churning out rehashed garbage, they wont have my support. Bottom line.

Please dont tell me that Battlefront achieved what it set out to do. You and I both know it failed miserably. Everyone deserves a second chance, but Pandemic's is getting quickly dashed in my eyes. Lets not talk Star Wars, lets talk any kind of representation that is meant to be true to an entertainment source; be it a film adaptation, a novel etc.. if it doesnt stay true, then it becomes somewhat of a travesty in the eyes of those who vastly enjoy its source.

Yeah, SWBF 2 is a game. The films are fictional films too.. whats your point?

The difference is that the subsequent films all got it right because they came from Lucas. Easy... the games though didnt come from Lucas and arent correct. Im not talking about the mere characters, promised space battles with idle capital ships that sucks out strategy (which now seem no different to land maps anyway.. as you still fly to land somewhere..), but the game play itself. Its whats at heart that counts and the heart of Battlefront behind its licensed facade gets boring fast. 'Pick up, put down' or not, boring games dont hang around long.

Now instead of improving their mistakes, theyre just doing it all again with a new flash in the pan.

Bang accurate and up to detail? Well Rainbow Six isnt exactly below detail. Battlefield, Call of Duty games, etc.. all seem to have the right detail. What, are you saying that a building from Mos Eisley has more complex rendered walls than a building in Iraq? Rubbish. You have a point though in stating that it would take a considerable amount of time to pull off. True.

Thats why sequels usually come out a few years later, instead of not even a whole year later. But thats okay because LA just pumps them out without a care in the world. You'll care though because you're forking out your hard earned money for an inferior product. A game may be a game, but all things should be taken seriously. You think that Valve treated Half Life as a joke even though its nothing but a game? Gaming is still an industry and ethics are always involved on some level. Otherwise you get trash..
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