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Name: Recca (Ray-kuh)
Age: 21
Appearance: Recca has dark blue eyes. Her face is framed by chin-length black hair that makes her eyes seem rather pale. She is exactly five feet tall and wears mostly gray with touches of brown and black. Her clothing combined with her abilites make her an excellent spy.
Sex/Gender: Female
Weapons: Two long knives, a short bow and arrows
Species: Elf
Kingdom: Woodland
Class: Ranger/Archer
History: Recca is still a child in years in the eyes of the Elves and it made them nervous when she began offering advice. They asked her which elder she'd spoken to, but when she insisted the words were her own, she was cast out to wander the world and do as she saw fit. She did not long stay in Woodland, choosing instead to travel and fight evil where she found it.


Recca had watched the entire confrontation from the treetops, but had not interfered. When the children and their helper moved away, Recca followed. She watched them enter the house. Then, her eyes widened as the house vanished. "Wizard..." she muttered. There was no other explanation for it. Recca shrugged and made up her mind to wait in the trees until the children and their Wizard friend came back out.

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