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well, i undestand some points against SWBF2 and some not.....I dont understand why ppl dont like the game cause of the incorrectness of the units, ships, etc. It's just a game not a EP1 - EP6 Simulation. If u really want UBER Correctness why dont u cry about the respawn? I never saw any stormtrooper respawning in the movies....If u want to cry about incorrectness cry about the whole game, cause its not a simulation....

but ok i said i understand some points....

the only 2 things i really really hated about SWBF 1 were the A! of the useless Bots, if u have a 9 on 9 with 1 Human and 8 Bots each.....its not a 9 on 9 its just a 1 on 1, cause the bots in SWBF are even more useless than a destroyed Gonk....

The other point was the "U have taken a command-post" shi* every 2 seconds..i would liked SWBF1 much better if it has the Movie Battles 2 Game objective based Team Deathmatch, without any respawn (except if the soldiers got reinforcements) MB2 is 1000 times better than SWBF 1 and its just a MOD for JA not a Full Game....but i know they got rid of the "only Command Post" Capturing so the one reason for me to not buy SWBF2 is not anymore...

the only point that should stop me from buying BF2 are the Bots, dunno if they are really that kinda better than in BF1, so i would be happy if some Beta Gamers like Custo could tell me something about the new AI in SWBF2
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