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The longest post EVER!

Originally Posted by Rebel_Trooper
What an intelligently written, moving opinion.
I aim to please.

It puts the point across without having to degenerate into insulting people with the opposite view! And you can actually have girlfriends while wanting a perfect game! It's called wanting a perfect game!
And you're expecting a Star Wars game to be that? Well, Petroglyph may deliver with their RTS, because they've been making these kind of games for over ten years (that is a link).
And it's a boring and lame one at that.
You=win. I'm taking the POV of playing it with a friend of mine, I'll get back to that.

Well, you're right there. It's not. What a shame, it would be so much more if it was a bit more realistic.
I hate the term "realistic" because Star Wars is so inconsistant. Check out how much damage Solo's pistol does when escaping with the Falcon in Ep4. Would you want every pistol to cause that much damage? Screw the E11.

Wow, you managed to keep playing for 2 whole HOURS!? You sure do endure a lot of crap!
Ever played Galactic conquest 2-player co-op on Playstation with a friend, on hard? It's a laugh on Hoth when he bails out at 50 ft from a snowspeeder I'm flying, to kill anyone trying to spawn outside the AT-AT's while I'm roping it. Although, yeah, that is a bit odd with the fall-damage.

Here you are right. I'm not asking for precisely accurate levels of recoil when you fire the E-11, just a bit more realism would be nice.
I want blood and brutal melee moves like Republic Commando. Now that was closer to a war than Battlefront was. Can't believe in Ep 3 Lucas put in the intro "WAR!!!" Nah, you don't say, that's only the title of the series!

A good game is much like a good book. It pulls you in. You are intrested.
A bad game is like a bad book. It's a steaming pile of s1-1@!
Buy Beyond Good and Evil, that is a brilliant game, although system specs are pretty high, but it's so touching at the ending. The music can bring tears to the eyes.

No. I would rather wait 2 years for a rare near perfect game than a year for some shoddy piece of crap that tires me after 5 minutes of playing.
Fair enough, but you can't do it in 2 years, that's what I'm saying. Now if BF1 never existed and they started it then and finished it now, it'd probably be of a different standard, wouldn't you agree. It's very difficult to create something completely new in such a short space of time. Not without doing an "Epic" and making sure you get loads of downloadables as you go alon (thinking of UT2003-UT2004).

You have your opinion, I have mine. Time to move on.
Believe it or not, we're on the same team, just I don't like shouiting about games much. No, really.

Okay, Rebel Trooper, enough with quoting you.

Originally Posted by MaximumMayhem
Enough of the Kojima crap. You may also think that girlfriends are the result of acheiving the highest form of existence, but they are far from it. What people do in their private lives aside is their own business, im talking about getting your money's worth and having a quality title based on a film license. Is that so hard to ask for?
2 things, you shouldn't cry so loud about a game, I mean, in a war where millions of people die over fuel resources, or the lack of them, where terrorism is judged by the colour of the victim's skin and where a blind eye is turned to the rape of natural resources, it seems a bit "off" to start moaning about a game so violently. The thing is, get some balance, go out, do something useful. You hate the game, do not play it. It's why I wouldn't play Splinter Cell 1.

Second point, Team Kojima have a knack for putting A LOT of effort into Metal Gear games. Did you know that MGS2 and 3 use the same engine? Play them both and it isn't obvious. But check out the attention to detail in the animations, the scenary, the movements, even little things like water, rain, animals and guard behvaiour nuances. Now I'm not saying that MGS games are perfect, but you can see that they bother to put in far too much attention to detail sometimes, something that isn't really done in most FPS although run-and gun games by ID and Epic have the advantage of lots of experience and support for original and innovative (and creative) moddlers and map designers by third parties as well as in-house.

As far as genre goes, i never read that this is an "arcade" game. Its an First Person Shooter and thus has BIG shoes to fill, especially seeing as this isnt some hokey little title, but something based off one of the most successful franchises in existence. Im not being some Star Wars picky fanboy, but its obvious that Pandemic havent done their research. Either that or theyve been severely restricted by other parties (gee.. guess who!). This is where the problem lies. It may mean diddly squat to you as this is a foreign mental opinion, but im letting it be known that i wont be insulted by LucasArts any longer.
I know for a fact that the games that have diverted away from Lucasarts control probably work better. X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter has EU ships and most people would argue it's one of the best space shooters around to date and still being sold to this day. Also Knights of the Old Republic stands by its own merits and does better because of it. Because Battlefront is closer linked to the films then certain "pressures" are implied. Also, consider that the average fan can not really tell clone armour apart, I don't see it as a big deal, especially when it's uncertain what armour patterns were worn on planets like Bespin or Kamino for that matter, would they be wearning the new uniforms or what?

If they release a product that is up to standard, then ill pay for it. Till the point that they stop disrespecting the consumer by churning out rehashed garbage, they wont have my support. Bottom line.
Why tell me? It's obvious, I'm very picky about my games as a "poor" student, so I need to get stuff that comes from trusted sources and developers who I know deliver consistantly.

Please dont tell me that Battlefront achieved what it set out to do. You and I both know it failed miserably. Everyone deserves a second chance, but Pandemic's is getting quickly dashed in my eyes. Lets not talk Star Wars, lets talk any kind of representation that is meant to be true to an entertainment source; be it a film adaptation, a novel etc.. if it doesnt stay true, then it becomes somewhat of a travesty in the eyes of those who vastly enjoy its source.
You're arguing agains someone not interested in the argument. We're on the same side, I just hate people getting wound up so heavily and personally over something, that as you said, you will not buy. There are MANY games that are pure garbage compared to their source, heck Constantine comes across as a crap film AND game compared to the comics. Star Wars is unique in that the crap/decent ratio is surprisingly high just by the number of games produced (unless you liked Super Bombad racing).

Yeah, SWBF 2 is a game. The films are fictional films too.. whats your point?
So sayeth Yoda, "Everything". It's a game, as in a CONSOLE game, that's why when I play it on PC it sucks so bad. No really, I can wipe bots on a Playstation 2 thanks to auto-aim and optomisation for the PS2 controller, but on PC where although you are near enough 100% accurate with a mouse +/-10%, the projectiles are so slow it really lags that you can't hit jack without leading your target as if you're launching "mini-rockets" with the beserk mode in UT2003/4. Heck, you can't rocket jump without turning friendly fire off. It's hard to create consistant realism when the source itself is full of inconsistances. I take the movies as being Canon but details to be mucked around in slightly, because their physics is not going to work with ours. That's why Pandemic wont license the Havok engine (for example), because that simulates Earth Physics, but an AT-AT wouldn't be able to walk, (too heavy) hover vehicles would have trouble with momentum (no friction, NO BRAKES!) and you'd spend more effort modding it to take into account what is unreal, than what it is, although Bungie did a good job with Halo 2, despite it's inaccuracies with physics, so maybe that would have been something to see.
The difference is that the subsequent ilms all got it right because they came from Lucas. Easy... the games though didnt come from Lucas and arent correct. Im not talking about the mere characters, promised space battles with idle capital ships that sucks out strategy (which now seem no different to land maps anyway.. as you still fly to land somewhere..), but the game play itself. Its whats at heart that counts and the heart of Battlefront behind its licensed facade gets boring fast. 'Pick up, put down' or not, boring games dont hang around long.
You shouldn't really cuss a game that isn't out yet. Check the reviews when it's out and make your final decision. Anyway, you're oversimplifying BF2 and overgloryifying Lucas. I am not a fanboy and IMHO, Lucas "lost-it" when script writing Ep1-3. Heck, Republic Commando convinces me that Ep2/3 should have been that gritty and murky and that war is unpleasant, not "Yippee Kay Yay I just killed 100!" Oh well, it is a kids film with rediculous amounts of violence, but I'll let that pass or I'll begin quoting Maddox. For space maps, ever considered that if you let people land on your cap ship, you'll loose, so as a fighter, you can kill transports, or disable the guns by shooting them off, or just dogfight for hours. One of the controversies was whether the space maps would be too Rogue Squadron-ish.

Now instead of improving their mistakes, theyre just doing it all again with a new flash in the pan.
Find the thread which has the gamespy chatlog of the developers with some fans, it's quite interesting to see the claims they're making for the stuff they're adding. I'll leave it to your own judgement what you think of it.

Bang accurate and up to detail? Well Rainbow Six isnt exactly below detail. Battlefield, Call of Duty games, etc.. all seem to have the right detail. What, are you saying that a building from Mos Eisley has more complex rendered walls than a building in Iraq? Rubbish. You have a point though in stating that it would take a considerable amount of time to pull off. True.
I kinda like the Rainbow six, but I hate that the M16 seems to work for everything. The new one has a more diverse range of weapons suited for either long-shooting or bang in your face, rather than a "jack-of-all-trades" that the M16 was. Well, a building in Iraq was built by an Iraqi man so it's using "Real-world materials rendering"(TM) but yeah, linking back to my Kojima comment, if you've ever played the newer MGS (and not fallen asleep during cutscenes) then there's a lot of detail even in environment. Battlefield 2 has a rubbish single player though that makes BF1's look like an Halo-killer in comparison though.

Thats why sequels usually come out a few years later, instead of not even a whole year later. But thats okay because LA just pumps them out without a care in the world. You'll care though because you're forking out your hard earned money for an inferior product. A game may be a game, but all things should be taken seriously. You think that Valve treated Half Life as a joke even though its nothing but a game? Gaming is still an industry and ethics are always involved on some level. Otherwise you get trash..
Yeah, Valve rule though. Pandemic IMHO did better with Mercaneries, I haven't played it properly, but you get things like hijackable vehicles, OTT destroyable scenary and even little things like seeing your weapons visibly holstered. It kicks BF1's corpse around the floor. Anyway, ultimately, I'll be hard pushed to buy BF2, mainly because the PS2 ain't mine! But I would have to be "stunned to submission" to get it for my Laptop, heck would it even run? But I have a feeling that PC users may be dissapointed and that console users will get a better benefit (except online).

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