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I didn't vote in the Poll.. but I for one would like an option for a DVD version.

Working alot with MACs, most of Apple's software is released in this format.. so rather than having 4 cd's to install.. I pop in one DVD and am done with it On my PCs, well.. that's a whole different story hehehe...

However, I can see why so many companies release software in CD format.. the main reason being not everyone has a DVD drive.. but as LIAYD stated.. progress peeps

You can get a DVD drive (even a burner) for very little ca$h.. and it's a wise investment not only for the format, but for backup/archive purposes.

If I had known how low the prices were going to be on drives and media, I would've put off buying a ZIP drive many moons ago...

KotOR 3 on DVD, I'd definitely pick it given an option

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