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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Until HordaK and Redtech drop the childish insults, their posts do not dignify a response.
Wait, you've been whinging non-stop about how much SWBF2 sucks on and on and when I do make a sensible (but long post), instead of reading it and making a point you sit back and moan again?

Damn, wish the Darkside was real.

Originally Posted by the best person evar+1 (Okay, me)
2 things, you shouldn't cry so loud about a game, I mean, in a war where millions of people die over fuel resources, or the lack of them, where terrorism is judged by the colour of the victim's skin and where a blind eye is turned to the rape of natural resources, it seems a bit "off" to start moaning about a game so violently. The thing is, get some balance, go out, do something useful. You hate the game, do not play it. It's why I wouldn't play Splinter Cell 1.
Bonus points on finding where I am quoting myself from. I do agree that is a grave insult and if any of the repected elders like Kurgan wish to "bust my lip" on cusses that strong, then it is their right to do so.

I am the definition of your defeat.

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