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Originally Posted by Redtech
2 things, you shouldn't cry so loud about a game, I mean, in a war where millions of people die over fuel resources, or the lack of them, where terrorism is judged by the colour of the victim's skin and where a blind eye is turned to the rape of natural resources, it seems a bit "off" to start moaning about a game so violently.
Well that's a thoroughly silly thing to say. Simply because my life could be worse, doesn't mean I'm supposed to see a video game released and say "oh, well, it may be crap, but at least I'm not in a war-zone right now" We can say that for a lot of things. I shouldn't be upset when the Broncos lose, or if I do poorly on a midterm, or screw up at work, because hey. It could be worse.

But it does matter to some people. We choose what is important in our lives, and to some people video games are important. I am one of those people. I label video games as important because they are one of my main sources of entertainment outside of sports and movies. I also really like star wars, so a star wars video game SHOULD be something really awesome.

Now when something that is so much garbage as Battlefront gets released, well I think fans have a right to get mad, and be skeptical about a sequel. If you make a bad game, and release it's sequel in less than a year, you don't care about the fans, and you don't care about releasing a quality product. You care about the money that you're bringing in from the suckers who see Star Wars on a box and assume it must be great.

Battlefront 2 should've taken 3 years minimum to develop. and then it may actually have been worth buying.

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