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Can I just tick the "agreed" boxes, and we can both quit the long posts? Especially since I'm not in disagreement. (Although perhaps I spend too much time in my computer labs..there goes my eyesight).

If you must know, for interest, politically, I'm an apathist. I have a right to moan, but whether I believe there will be change is another thing altoghether, on "a great many things". I just find it easier to ignore the "If Lucasarts made it, I'll buy it LOL!" comments. You're a strong and convincing writer, so you get my attention.

I will apologise however for any mean comments I made against you (take your pick). You've made a brilliant point that you're an excellant debater, in that case, you've earned my respect and the hat comes of to you, sir.

You have got me thinking though, that it is interesting that Lucasarts rarely hire any development teams of large stature (Bioware and Petroglyph are exceptions) nor give their other development houses the resources that they really need to create games that boot people in the shins and make them scream "OMFG! BEST GAME EVER+15!"

I will tell you that I am "on the fence" about Battlefront 2. I wont completely dash it until it's been through "my grubby paws" a few times. I do share your frustrations in that my close friend has the copy we play and I do get annoyed when he starts going about how great it is, or the Hoth level, while I'm twirling around with UT2004 at home. (Those vehicles are the shiznit, and you actually need skill to even drive a damned tank!)

It's disturbing when you think of how relatively small experienced development teams Valve, Epic etc can create strong games and strong brands while the Lucasarts chain can't remember the MTT is not in BF1! (Check the manual). Heck, WTF isn't it in EITHER game? It'd rule.

I will say that I don't like the way people moan about realism so strongly, due to the source of the game, (the films are realistic?) but yeah, little things like the time it takes bullets to fly, weapon accuracy, or unit animations (and yes, even physics) could be sorted out a little bit better, heck attention to detail is what we really want ultimately isn't it? We want little things in our games now that make us think "hey, y'know what, these guys actually care." I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to have skins appropriate to each level for the clones, (although I don't have a problem with their models, as weird as some of them look). But for a game like Battlefront, as it is, that ain't happening.

I mean personally, I'd want to play as the Royal Naboo or have customised armour (like Halo2/Republic commando) or the rebels having cammo uniforms for the majority of levels as appropriate, or Galactic civil war fights on Kamino and Clone war battles on Hoth (for pure comedy sake) and NO JEDI! I am so playing as Grievous only.

I think that because it is on console, I DO expect a decent S/P mode. I think Valve had the right idea in having games available for download, especially if they're only multiplay, which, in all fairness I wouldn't have objected to BFront being, then download+play online is sensible and logical. Of course Lucasarts haven't even bothered to update their site for Battlefront yet, so I doubt they'd care for the server-work required.

But this is what it's all about, cash-cows. While other developers have to struggle to get masterpieces like Sacrifice or Battlefield going, as long as it's got the Lucasarts logo, it's an insta-win.

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