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Originally Posted by HordaK
childish? the only childish things here are ur arguments that this game sucks only cause the Clones have the wrong color etc
In addition to all the other stuff, like basic gameplay and physics, yeah. How childish of me to expect a decent game for $50. All games from now on will be crap, and anyone who critisizes them will be deemed childish. Gotcha.

Originally Posted by HordaK
btw with ur useless comment u responded to our "childish insults" so wheres the point of ur post anyway?
That maybe you should realize that resorting to insults only looks foolish? I don't know. Just pointing it out.

Originally Posted by Redtech
Wait, you've been whinging non-stop about how much SWBF2 sucks on and on and when I do make a sensible (but long post), instead of reading it and making a point you sit back and moan again?
Oh I read it. But I'm not gonna feed your fire. If you throw around subtle little insults (like you just did again), no way am I going to acknowledge it. So please, use the internet for good, not evil.
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