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that didnt last because i
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Vernon: God, I hate books and stories. They're so dull and boring.
Sasha: Hey, man! Let's totally get funky!
Vernon: Sounds rad.

Bobby: I'm sorry Maloof, and everyone else, for beating you up, candy for everyone.
Benny: Well I'm thinking on my own from Bobby...but you're still getting candy.

Crystal: Life is wonderful, but everyone else sucks.
Clem: Shut your mouth, nobody likes you!

Milla: *yawn* Ohh, life is such a bore.

Raz: Bleh, you know, Psychonauts, sounded good at first, but meh.

Oleander: Idunno, I was gonna use this tank to spread an antidote to all the horrible diseases all over the world.

Oleander: I love being short.

Butcher: Awww, bunny, don't worry, the cleavers are just for show.

Evil Dad: Dude...Psychics kick ass, man, seriously. Don't be trippin'.

Nils: Girls don't do no more for me. Say, does my purse match my lipstick?

JT: Ptooeh, being a cowboy is boring, I love Elka.
Chops: Get away from me, jerk, who are you?

Elka: Oh Nils, I just don't love you.

Milka: Oh hey everyone! I'm such a social butterfly, huh? That's me!

Elton: Stupid fish...I'm having salmon for dinner.

Quentin: I hate music.
Phoebe: Me too.
Quentin: Hey let's make out over it!

Kitty: Hmm. I really don't care about how I look today. Everyone deserves equal treatment.
Franke: I think on my own besides you, but still agree with your opinion.

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