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Originally Posted by Juggernaut1985
And why would I edit XML files if they release mod software? Becuase it teaches you the real code and how it interacts with everyhting. Oh and one other thing. With notepad i'll be able to start modding as soon as I get the game.
I understand perfectly well that some people prefer to use notepad to learn the actually code, and you will be able to program right away. But some people arent as skilled as you and relay on third party software. Now I know that any major mod being made now and mostly any major mod for that matter would text edit, because you can get everything right to the last details. But w/ third party software they usually have limitation as toward how much editing you can do.

Originally Posted by Panzer517
I am hoping that it will be the same as ini coding and stuff like that, because I know no other way.
I hope so also, because Im used to .ini files from Red Alert 2 and Generals. Im hoping that the .xml format will be just as easy to use. But I suppose I am willing to learn a new format. Espicially if it will become more wide spread in the future.

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