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No, I don't want to install WinFixer! Stupid pop-up.

Okay. So am I the only one having an issue with the world's most annoying JavaScript pop-ups all of a sudden? Every time I load a page on any of the forums here, I get a mini JavaScript pop-up in the corner of my screen asking if I want to install WinFixer 2005. I click No/Cancel, it pops up a full screen window for WinFixer. I hit the magic close button, it pops up that JavaScript thing and asks me, again, if I want to install WinFixer. I say no (dude, I don't even have Windows! STFU and go away!), and it finally goes away. But load a new it starts all over again.

I'm 100% sure it's nothing on my computer that's doing it--the pop-up only shows up when I load a new page here. I have Camino with pop-up blockers it's able to get around those, I have no idea (probably has to do with the JavaScript). But it's bloody annoying, whatever it is.

Anybody else having this problem all of a sudden? Anybody want to suggest a fix?
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