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Hello, I'm pretty sure this is unrelated to the previous thread I posted rgarding logins, I recently saw a thread saying you required Logins to cut down traffic, but I've had this problem since before then,
This time it erased a rather large detailed response to my modding thread quite a few paragraphs, I ain't mad though,
But the problem is:
When submitting a post, even when I am logged in and it is clearly displayed in the upper right corner, a login screen will pop up, requiring me to relog before posting, it doesn't continue to submit the post though, it instead returns you to the original thread without submitting, anything written in quick reply is erased (in this case quite a bit), if I use the back button to try and return to the page I typed it in, It shows me as logged out and the quick reply is erased.

The same thing happens occasionally during normal non quick reply posting, but it actually submits the message and takes you to the thread after loging in.

Any idea why this happens???
Has anyone else had this problem?

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