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Happened to me before...

Basically, when you log on, you open a session, and it remains open as long as the server can see activity on your end, meaning you request pages and such. However, if the server doesn't receive any traffic from you, it'll close the session after a while for security reasons and to cut down traffic. My guess is you took a while to write your "rather large detailed response" so it closed your session, thus asking you to login again in order to post your message. I think by default the session is set to 20 minutes.

If you're the only one using the computer, you can check the "Remember me" option when logging in to save your login info in cookies, this way this kind of situation shouldn't present itself again. I personnaly always copy my messages in my clipboard before posting, it saved me quite a couple of times back when we were on the old grumpy server.
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