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Originally Posted by Bah_Mee
from a standpoint of someone who actually gets paid to make games (yes me)

I can say the look of the new star wars game is bad, the graphics are not up to par. I also love the star wars universe and most games in that universe. One thing that really bums me out is the difference between jedi academy and the star wars battle front games. the detail on jedi academy is awesome crisp textures etc. when I first got SWBF I thought this was gonna rule! but i was also dissapointed extremly, especially because I could make better player models and skin them better than these, some of the floor textures in SWBF look scaled up like 10 times. I am taking a technical standpoint in the fact that technology is available to make it look better, I would be the first to know this , I am not here to make anyone angry per say, but, I am in the business of game design and I can say I and my boss would be totally embarasssed if our artwork looked that fuzzy and unfinished. the new star wars battlefront uses the same stuff the old one did, thats bad! at least they could use a more robust engine, if not for the console at least for a pc version. hell I have seen mods of star wars that look way better in artwork design than this abomination. sure gameplay is important, but I am comparing this to all other star wars fps that came out recently, look at republic commando! that looks sweet, even the kotor games look awesome compared to this, I really wanted swbf to look crisper and more gritty like the movie I guess, it was fun for a while but I just don't see any fun in the game really if the animations are bland(shoot, run, die, etc.) it makes it dull after a few minutes, yeah they should have used ragdoll, hell I would have used the unreal engine which has far more power to make something like this than the horrible engine they did use. Just an artists opinion of swbf! cheers and may the force be with you!
I agree with you that the models and stuff in JA look far superior to SWBF. However I've always argued (in good faith, I could be wrong of course) that the reason SWBF and games like BF1942's graphics don't seem quite as good as traditional modern FPS games is because they are forced to render so many more models on screen at once in big maps. But then people are saying that BF2 is so amazing, etc. So maybe that's a technical hurdle that's been breached, I dunno. But yeah, the plastic fuzzy look of SWBF is not quite my favorite.

Hey (and not in any way questioning the validity of your job) but what game company do you work for? Or are you an indie developer? Just curious.

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