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Originally Posted by TK-8252
In addition to all the other stuff, like basic gameplay and physics, yeah. How childish of me to expect a decent game for $50. All games from now on will be crap, and anyone who critisizes them will be deemed childish. Gotcha.
well TK u havent read my post, have u? i said i understand some points, that includes the gameplay, physics etc, but i cant understand the crying "This game sucks my Heavy Trooper is blue not green" NO and really mean NO game is perfect that is based on films or whatever...give just 1 Film+Game which are TOTALLY equal in case of Details (and with Details i dont mean the texture realism, i mean weapons, characters,etc. but i think u know it already) if u really can give me one proofed example i will immediatly stop saying that crying about missing or wrong details is childish.
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