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hehe Yeah plastic is a good word for that look

starting a loong time ago I did level design for ultima x (a mmorpg game that unfortuneatly EA shut down since they bought out origin and closed the project, I did about 5 mile wide levels for that game)all the screenshots at the bottom of the page under the date 2003-12-06 are from my levels here

and shots 3-8 on this page are my levels

it was a great project, I didn't do any characters(they looked a bit to cartoony styled for my taste, but I enjoyed every second of level design!)

moving on I did several body models and rigged them for the sims 2 game, then I did some more work on a stubbs the zombie crazy game for the xbox that was kinda sad ) I worked for an outsourcing art studio doing art faster than the in house companies for games that needed them, right now I am doing modeling, animation, and level design for an undisclosed title, lets say its gonna kick some serious tail when its done!

I do understand the whole idea of having tons of models on screen at once in a massive online like game, the idea that they used such an outdatede engine for even the first swbf game is kinda dissapointing in my mind. with the LOD models mip maping and other technology the newer engines also have like the battlefront engine, I am still curious why they picked the old engine.
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