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Originally Posted by HordaK
...NO and really mean NO game is perfect that is based on films or whatever...give just 1 Film+Game which are TOTALLY equal in case of Details (and with Details i dont mean the texture realism, i mean weapons, characters,etc. but i think u know it already)...
Since you said the phrase, "[game] that is based on films or whatever...", I can provide an example of such a game.

Chess. I've seen movies about it and I have played a few computer games about it. In the movies and games, both the characters and the weapons were exactly the same. They all had the same properties and physics. The colors/texture were slightly off, but you said that doesn't count.

In fact, just about all games where there is a set of rules (such as card games and board games) fall into this catergory. The reason SWBF and the movies are off, is because of who made them. Lucas though up a few movies and the company though up a computer game. Each wants to be creative and no where is there a set of rules to follow. Thus, each develop their own products slightly different, because they each have different ideas, which are not governed by an exact set of rules.

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