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I'm not much of a roleplayer (ok, so I never do!) but unfortunately there is a limit to the force powers a certain 'class' can have. But some mods do have some level of customization.

Forcemod 3 ( and it's patch (;36302) has a ton of classes and powers you can have and is commonly used for role playing.

Movie Battles ( isn't a roleplaying mod at all, but there are customized classes with different models and animations for some of them.

Of course Lugormod and JA+ are used for the majority of role playing, but they don't provide much customization compared to the other two.

If you really want new animations, you should try Kain's Stances 1.5 (

As for the crippled cyborg dark for witch, even though I don't know what that would look like, I'm sure it could easily be skinned. (or modeled if you have the time to learn and work.)

There are also mods which change the way force powers look.

heres a few examples:;26210;28001;19803;22575;23654

And if none of this helps, you could probably find a modder who would be willing to help you out a bit.

Hope this helped.
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